Matt Paterson

Matt Paterson

We recently caught up with Matthew Paterson, Service Manager for MHI Vestas working on the Humber Gateway Project.

Matthew relocated to Great Coates in North East Lincolnshire from his home in Cumbria with his wife Jenna after a period of hotel stays and temporary accommodation.

The Port of Grimsby is home for Matthew during the working week at offices shared with EON on the North Wall. Working for MHI Vestas is not new though as Matthew first started working in the offshore industry in 2008 on the Robin Rigg project off the west coast, which was also an Eon project.

Whilst managing the team here in Grimsby, Matthew is also working hard gaining his Executive MBA in Business Administration at Hull University. His day to day activities include managing the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) business, health and safety, budgets and project planning.

Matthew was introduced to many at the inaugural Grimsby Renewables Partnership (GRP) Conference last year when he presented the involvement that MHI Vestas is having locally, contributing to Grimsby becoming new recognised home of offshore wind.

Since working and relocating here, Matthew’s impressions of North East Lincolnshire have been that the area is very welcoming and the locals are very friendly. He too was misguided by the image of the area and has embraced using the Discover North East Lincolnshire material to help attract and support his team in order to help raise the profile of the area. Matthew is enjoying the restaurants, leisure facilities and attractions available on the doorstep – not the mention the many golf courses!

Jenna has also settled well in her new home, already starting up a new beauty business in the village which is helping her meet new people and feel integrated in to the community.

Matthew also praises the training facilities available locally for the industry including the recent investment by AIS. Since joining the GRP, Matthew has continued to develop his networks with fellow offshore wind colleagues and suppliers forming solid relationships throughout the area.

About MHI Vestas:

MHI Vestas is a partnership between Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Vestas.

Vestas is a Danish turbine manufacturing company.

MHI Vestas was awarded the Contract with EONs Humber Gateway in August 2011, operating and maintaining 73 3MW turbines.

The windfarm was operational from September 2015.

MHI Vestas has contributed to the following charities since being located in Grimsby :

• HCA 2016 Humber Cod Open –

• Women’s Aid

• Grimsby Food Bank

• The Arc Animal Rescue Centre

• Community Recycling Centre


• Salvation Army

• West March Centre

• Bridge McFarland towards creation of the website for – CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) is the UK’s first and only registered charity dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those affected by this often debilitating spinal injury.

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