Dr John Price

Dr John Price

Where did you come here from?

I grew up in Newport, South Wales, which is a very similar town to Grimsby, both in terms of industry and the economic background.

At 18, I left to study at Norwich, which had the added bonus of being the home of the football team I support. My later studies took me to America and Canada, but I returned to the UK to take a post at a Millfield School in Somerset, somewhere I spent a very happy 15 years.

When the post of Headmaster came up in Grimsby, it provided everything I wanted – a small independent school, with small class sizes, and the philosophy of helping every child find and develop their own individual talents.

How does the quality of life compare to other places you’ve lived?

Like many people, I suppose, I was a little uncertain about Grimsby as a town before I got here. But I need not have been. The warmth and feeling from both the people and the town was amazing. From the first time we visited the area to moving to Waltham, the feeling and sense of community was remarkable. We feel so welcome here – and our children love it too because there’s so much to do locally.

What’s the best thing the area has to offer the people who are moving here?

We’ve lived in both rural and town locations previously, but North East Lincolnshire is a real hidden gem. Whether it’s walking on the coast or in the wolds, shopping in the town centres or the markets, or the availability of superb fresh fish, there are some fabulous amenities here, and they’re all on our doorstep.

The quality of the accommodation here is also fantastic – there’s such a sense of space both indoors and outdoors. House prices were a real eye-opener. Compared to similar accommodation in Somerset, we’re looking at nearly half price here.

What hobbies or outdoor activities do you and your family enjoy?

We’ve just acquired a young dog from the rescue kennels locally, so we’ve been enjoying taking her out for walks in the local area. Cricket is my real passion, having played previously in the Minor Counties league, and I took up golfing several years ago. I’m taking the opportunity to get out into the community and use the great facilities available – I’m now a member of a local golf club and Cleethorpes Cricket club.

What do you think the future holds?

We’re pretty new to the area, but just as soon as we can, we’ll be buying a house and settling here for a long time to come. Over the past few months, someone commented about Grimsby being an “Evostick” town and I’ve come to realise that it’s grabbed me and my family too!

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